The main advisory body of the institute is the Language Strategy Advisory Body of 8 standing members and invited experts comprising of scientists, professors or academics. Depending on the particular activity or task, the director of the Institute has also invited various outstanding Hungarian and foreign experts since 2015; these experts from a variety of professional backgrounds form a network that is able to cover the wide range of activities of the Institute.

Members of the Advisory Body

  • Dr. Bańczerowski Janusz professor emeritus
  • Dr. Katalin É. Kiss academician, university professor
  • Dr. Ferenc Gereben professor emeritus
  • Dr. Miklós Elemér Havass IT specialist, member of the Hungarian Academy of Engineering
  • Dr. Jenő Kiss academican, professor emeritus
  • Dr. János Péntek academican, professor emeritus
  • Dr. Lajos Sipos professor emeritus