The I/2 and II volumes of the Moldavian Hungarian Dialect Dictionary were launched on 13 April 2018 in the Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. 

The significance of the three-volume dictionary should be acknowledged from three aspects.

Science historical significance: The work commenced and carried out by the outstanding predecessors was finally completed. The previous work was hindered by the huge content, the technical difficulties of the contemporary processing procedures, the scarcity of financial resources available for researchers and the often obstructive behaviour of the Romanian public administration bodies.

Practical importance: The dictionary is very useful for researchers who would like to explore the literacy of this highly endangered Hungarian language community facing the gradual loss of  their linguistic (and  national) identity in the Diaspora. The dictionary can also be used by researchers of the Moldavian dialect who otherwise would not be able to navigate safely on the geographic and cultural terrain of Moldavia due to their inadequate knowledge of the Romanian language. The dictionary can also strengthen intellectuals of Moldavian origin who identify themselves as Hungarians in their identity and sense of belonging to the Hungarian nation and the community.

Language strategical relevance: “There is a fear that the dictionary records the vocabulary of a Hungarian language variety that is in the process of disappearing”, writes the editor, János Péntek in the blurb of the book. Until it eventually turns out whether the Moldavian Hungarian minority totally assimilates into the Romanian majority, we can still hope that at least one part of this ethnic group can be preserved as Hungarians. For this reason alone, the language strategical importance of this dialect dictionary cannot be overestimated. It is natural that the Institute for Hungarian Language Strategy encouraged and supported the publication of the dictionary.