The Week of the Hungarian Language was organised for the 52nd time this year, on the 13th of April, 2018 in Tihany (Address: I. András tér 1.).

The goal of the series of the Week of the Hungarian Language launched in 1967 is the dissemination of scientific knowledge providing positive experiences in community centres and schools. The one-week event in April was co-organised by the Society for Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge founded in 1869 and the Association of Hungarian Language Preservation established in 1989. This year, the Week of the Hungarian Language was held between 16-22 April. After fifty years, the event was also organised outside Hungary, in Nagyvárad (Oradea) by the International Society of the Hungarian Language and Culture. More than fifty events were organised in ten counties of Hungary and in the capital city of Budapest (commemorations, lectures, exhibitions, extraordinary grammar class, language competition, literary events, editorial board meeting of the “Édes Anyanyelvünk” magazine, etc.). 

See welcome speech of Attila Tóth, director of the Institute for Hungarian Language Strategy below at Downloadable materials.

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Welcome Speech of Attila Tóth