A five-week online competition titled “The Early Bird Catches the Worm” was organised for elementary school students in Kaposmérő and Kadarkút who could deepen their knowledge about idioms and proverbs through the game.  

Andrea Szak Dénes, a teacher in Kaposmérő and Emese Pandur, a librarian in Kadarkút organised the competition with the help of a successful tender submitted to the Institute for Hungarian Language Strategy. “Our project in the field of native language education focused on the linguistic treasure of idioms and proverbs that students are often not familiar with”, explained Andrea Szak Dénes.     

The almost fifty students who participated at the competiton received and solved the exercises on an internet surface. In some cases the students had to compile a foreign language dictionary or make drawings of the proverbs. At the closing event of the project in the village hall of Kaposmérő, the children could also get acquainted with Viktória Bosnyák, writer. The winners were awarded with books. 

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