The finals of the Nice Hungarian Speech competition in 2018 for elementary and secondary school students (Kazinczy Competition) were organised in April. The national semi-finals of elementary school students from the Eastern and Western part of Hungary were organised on 6-8 April in Kisújszállás and on 12-14 April in Balatonboglár, respectively.


The final of the competition for secondary school students from the Carpathian Basin was hosted by the Kazinczy Secondary Grammar School in Győr for the 53rd time on 19-22 April. 60-60 students participated at the regional finals for elementary schools and 150 secondary school students competed at the final in Győr. 

Dr Vilma Eőry, advisor of the Institute for Hungarian Language Strategy acted as the president of the jury in Kisújszállás and as co-president in Győr.

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