Imre Wacha, linguist, speech therapist, the outstanding figure of Hungarian scientific life died at the age of 87 on Tuesday, on 13 February 2018.

Imre Wacha, member of the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences participated in numerous scientific activities, including the edition of vocabularies and handbooks. He also published 20 books (own or co-authored) and almost 260 scientific articles and studies. He was awarded several times for his outstanding scientific performance: in 2014 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from MTVA, the Hungarian Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund; in 2015 he was awarded the Officer's Cross (civilian) of the Hungarian Order of Merit and in 2017 he received the Golden Kazinczy Prize from the Association of Hungarian Language Preservation.

Imre Wacha was known not only in academic circles; since 1964 he taught people working in the public media on clear, understandable and nice Hungarian speech at his elocution lessons.  His tireless and passionate commitment to the Hungarian language is also proved by the fact that even after his retirement he actively participated in the writing and editing of books and at scientific workshops and roundtable discussions, including the media roundtables of our Institute.

On behalf of the whole staff of the Institute for Hungarian Language Strategy we would like to express our sincere condolences. May the memory of Imre Wacha live forever! 

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