In 2015 the National Assembly of Hungary – in line with the commitment enshrined in the Fundamental Law – declared 15 November, the birthday of Gábor Bethlen, Prince of Transylvania the Day of the Hungarian diaspora. The goal of the Memorial Day is to draw the attention to the situation of the Hungarians living in diaspora in the Carpathian basin and to support them in remaining in their homeland and preserving their language, culture and identity.

Diaspora is an island of language, an island of dialect which lives in and is constantly influenced by the economic, social and linguistic connections with the surrounding majority population. There are Hungarian Diasporas in all neighbouring countries of Hungary which are particularly vulnerable to assimilation processes and language change due to their scattered nature. 

Since the promotion of the preservation of our language within and outside Hungary is one of the principal tasks and goals of the Institute for Hungarian Language Strategy, our Institute aims to support the Hungarian Diaspora both directly and indirectly. We would like to bring the programmes of 15 November to the attention of all Hungarians.