The resolution on the protection and non-discrimination with regard to minorities in the EU Member States was adopted by the European Parliament on 7 February 2018.

Joint press release of MEPs Pál Csáky, Kinga Gál and Andrea Bocskor:

“It is a resounding success that for the first time in its history, the European Parliament adopted a decision that prohibits discrimination against indigenous minorities and calls for far-reaching protection of their rights within the European Union,” said Pál Csáky, ethnic Hungarian MEP from Slovakia, Vice Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Petitions and the EPP rapporteur for the dossier. “Today’s EP vote marks a crowning achievement of the Hungarian efforts on nation policy,” added MEPs Kinga Gál and Andrea Bocskor following the vote.

“I am happy to see that the European Parliament has taken a formal decision that EU legislation regarding minority protection is necessary and that it acknowledges what has been a lack of EU attention to indigenous minorities,” said Andrea Bocskor, Transcarpathian Vice-Chair of the EP’s Culture and Education Committee. “The promotion of education and use of minority languages is the most important tool in our fight against language discrimination.”

The Institute for Hungarian Language Strategy welcomes the adoption of this important decision that is unprecedented in the EU legal system. The Minority SafePack European citizens’ initiative also aims to fill this legal hiatus. You can read more about the initiative on our website and you can also support the issue of European minorities by signing the petition.