The Wacław Felczak Foundation was established under Act CLXVI of 2017 published in the Hungarian Official Gazette (Magyar Közlöny) no. 193 of 2017. The goal of the Foundation is “to further deepen the Hungarian-Polish friendship and cooperation”.

The foundation fulfils a public-service mission by contributing to the deepening of Hungarian-Polish cooperation both on professional level and in society

Major activities of the Foundation:

  1. Awareness raising among younger generations and dissemination of the tradition of Hungarian-Polish friendship and cooperation;
  2. Strengthening youth cooperation and networking primarily in the fields of culture and sports;
  3. Promoting scientific and educational activities aimed at the acquisition of knowledge of one another’s culture and language;
  4. Facilitating joint innovation projects of Hungarian-Polish cultural, economic and political organisations with the aim to increase the competitiveness of both countries.

The Institute for Hungarian Language Strategy welcomes the establishment of the Wacław Felczak foundation as it also considers the activities related to the language and culture of the two countries highly important. Our Institute would like to enter into collaboration with the Foundation in order to increase the prestige and positive esteem of the Hungarian and Polish languages. 

For more details, see no. 193 of the Hungarian Official Gazette.

Contact information:
Wacław Felczak Alapítvány
Telefon: 06-1-416-9217
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.