On 16 May, the Institute for Hungarian Language Strategy organised a roundtable discussion with the delegates of the editorial offices of radio stations broadcasting in Hungarian in the Diaspora.

The participants were the following: the two editors-in-chief of Pannon RTV (Szabadka - Subotica), Mónika Maráci Babarbás and Soós Georgina; the editor of Pátria Radio, Ágnes Bárdos (Pozsony - Bratislava); Zoltán Birta, the editor-in-chief and Zoltán Taraczközi, member of the Board of Owners of Pulzus Radio (Beregász – Beregovo); József Végi, the managing editor of the Hungarian Radio of Muravidék (Prekmurje) and Attila Szász, editor-in-chief of the Radio Marosvásárhely (Târgu Mureș). The purpose of the discussion was to identify ways whereby the radio stations could reinforce their efforts to preserve the regional dialects of their coverage area.

The outcomes of the discussion are being evaluated and further roundtables are expected to be organised on the topic.