One of the priority objectives of the Institute for Hungarian Language Strategy (MANYSI) is to increase awareness of the linguistic richness of the Hungarian language with the aim to strengthen the prestige of our mother tongue. In the spirit of this endeavour, the Institute launched the project competitions “Multifarious Journey in the World of the Hungarian Language without a Textbook” for teachers and “Image in Language, Language in Images” for children and students.

After the assessment of the submitted project applications, the award ceremony and the exhibition of the projects took place in the Deák17 Children and Youth Arts Gallery in Budapest. At the well-attended event Péter Strausz, head of division of the Institute greeted the audience and Ágnes M. Bakonyvári, art historian opened and introduced the exhibition presenting the projects of students. The awards ceremony was followed by a literary round table discussion. The participants of the discussion also inspired by the Arany János Memorial Year were Rita Krisztina Molnár, poet, writer,  Lajos Sipos,  literary historian professor and Tibor Zalán, poet, writer who invoked the atmosphere of old literary cafes.  

The roundtable was followed by the presentations delivered by the awarded teachers who had the opportunity to demonstrate their planned projects in detail. The ceremony ended with the closing remarks of Rita Sz. Hegedűs and György Szerecz, the organisers of the project competition.