A workshop on the options for developing the Hungarian National Toponym Registry was organised jointly by the Institute for Hungarian Language Strategy (MANYSI) and the research group responsible for the management and development of the Hungarian National Toponym Registry (MNH) on 11 December 2017 in the Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. 

In his opening speech, Dr Péter Strausz, head of division of MANYSI stated that besides recognising the development of the MNH as an important process strengthening our national identity, special attention should also be paid to toponomastics. He expressed the hope that the event is the first step towards a series of consultations among academic communities dealing with onomastics. In his presentation, István Hoffmann DSC, professor, head of the research group operating under the coordination of the Department of Hungarian Linguistics of the University of Debrecen, chair of the workshop summarized the previous efforts to compile the toponym registry. Valéria Tóth DSC, professor presented the present form of the Hungarian national toponym registry; dr János Bárth, senior lecturer of Eötvös Loránd University spoke about the characteristics and usability of the Gazetteer of Transylvanian Historical Place Names. Dr Csilla T. Szabó, linguist researcher of the Transylvanian Museum Society held a presentation on the current stage of the Transylvanian toponomastics. Dr Tamás Török, associate professor of J. Selye University Of Komárom (Komárno) and dr János Baukó, associate professor of the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nyitra (Nitra) summarized the current tasks of toponomastics in Upper Hungary.  Dr Zsolt Sebestyén, associate professor of the University of Nyiregyhaza emphasized the importance and urgency of the research of Transcarpathian place names. The audience also received information on the present situation of the research of Hungarian place names in Vajdaság (Vojvodina).

After the presentations, István Hoffmann spoke about the details of the planned research aimed at completing the MNH and about the financial and personal conditions. In his closing remark, Péter Strausz expressed his satisfaction at the well-considered concept demonstrated by the presentations and proposed that the cooperation among the different scientific workshops should be broadened in the future. He also emphasized that MANYSI – with all its available means - will support the realisation of the research aimed at the completion of the Hungarian National Toponym Registry.