The Institute of Hungarian Linguistic Studies and the Terminology Research Group (TERMIK) of the Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church and the Council of Hungarian Terminology held its fifth Terminology Thursday event “Workshop and Alumni Meeting: Results of the Terminology Department – Preparation to Relaunch the Department on February 8, 2018.

The event was opened by the representative of the hosting organisation, Paszkál Kiss, Deputy Dean of Science of the Faculty of Humanities of the Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church (KRE BTK).

The participants were greeted by Attila Tóth, Director of the Institute for Hungarian Language Strategy who emphasized the importance of terminology researches in the field of language strategy. Eszter B. Papp, Vice President of the European Association for Terminology (EAFT) talked about the link between terminological research in Hungary and the activities of the European Association.

There were five presentations delivered on the achievements of the Terminology Department between 2011 and 2018, while the second part of the event was devoted to a roundtable discussion with representatives of the labour market who provided a feedback on the knowledge and skills of the graduates of the department.

In the first presentation, Ágota Fóris (KRE BTK) spoke about the goals of the terminology department, its structure to date and the labour market reputation of the graduates. Andrea Bölcskei (KRE BTK) and Attila Bence Oláh (KRE BTK, student) presented the relevant terminological dictionaries and data bases prepared.  Réka Sólyom (KRE BTK) held a presentation on the types of neologisms in quality management. Nóra Csontos (KRE BTK) shared her teaching experiences at the Business Communication Terminology Department with the participants. The closing lecture of Ágota Fóris (KRE BTK) and Andrea Bölcskei (KRE BTK) was on the state of preparation for the relaunching of the department of terminology.

At the round table discussion, the representatives of the labour market reflected on the professional and language skills requirements of terminologists and highlighted the importance of analytical thinking, independent learning skills, good communication and project management skills   and substantial knowledge of language technology applications and of the functioning of languages.

The participants were  Miklós Bán, managing director (espell translation and  localisation ltd.), Jenő Demeczky, terminologist (IBM Hungary), Andrea Faludi, translator, terminologist (LEG Zrt.), Kovács László, managing director (TÉK Ltd.), Eszter Papp, terminologist (EAFT), Zoltán Riesz, managing director (Morávia IT Hungary), Zoltán Somogyi, translator, terminology student (KRE BTK); the discussion was moderated by Ágota Fóris (KRE BTK). The event ended with an informal discussion of the former and present students and teachers of the department and the representatives of the labour market.

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